Delta Sigma Theta was a big part of Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ life

As Posted by Margaret Bernstein August 28, 2008 21:44PM on

Every time she wore red, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones proclaimed her love for her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. But her involvement went far deeper than that.

Scoffing at “T-shirt Deltas” who wear the attire of the historic black women’s sorority but aren’t active in its civic work, Tubbs Jones made a point of attending Delta meetings and conventions and serving on its national social action committee.

Once a year, she threw open the doors of Congress so a flood of her red-clad sisters could enter for “Delta Days on Capitol Hill.”

Even her 11th District newsletter was accented in red.

Her high-profile dedication to the sorority is why hundreds of Deltas, including national officers from across the country, are expected to pay tribute to their deceased sister during a private “Omega Omega” service today at her church, Bethany Baptist on East 105th Street.

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