Kaleidoscope Magazine features Representative Fudge

 As seen in Kaleidoscope Magazine, Story by Margaret Briller  www.kaleidoscopemagazine.net

“I grew up in a time of unrest in this country,” Fudge noted. “I think those of us who were fairly well-educated came from parents who wanted to make sure that we were involved. It’s what we grew up doing. I just happened to be one of the people who was very caught up in the movement and stayed in it. For me, it was a cause, a cause that you fight, because it’s right. I’ve always been a cause fighter, and I’ll always stay on that path.”



Marcia L. Fudge, U.S. representative for the 11th Congressional District,began her social service career as a result of growing up with parents who wanted the best for her during a turbulent time in the civil rights movement.

Representative Fudge spoke with Kaleidescope about her experience and positions on issues including  education reform,  healthcare, unemployment benefits.