Thank You to the 11th Congressional District of Ohio

To my Supporters, Friends, Family and Residents of the 11th Congressional District of Ohio,


I am humbled by your support.  On November 2, you overwhelmingly expressed your approval for the job I have done. Your vote showed your confidence that we can complete work that remains to be done.  Now more, than ever, is the time to continue the work that will move this country forward in a positive and productive manner.


To my supporters in other districts across the country, I urge you to continue to hold ALL elected officials accountable. We need everyone throughout the country to write, call, email and tweet their Senators and Congressperson starting TODAY!  Start organizing today.


My promise to you has not changed. I will continue to be the voice of progress and change for the 11th Congressional District of Ohio.  I will continue to use my influence to move our country in a positive direction.  I will to continue to fight for those who have the least.


Thank You Again!
Rep. Marcia L. Fudge