Rep. Fudge Supports Relief for the Long Term Unemployed

Washington D.C. – Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) today released the following statement in support of H.R. 589, The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act. The bill would extend an additional 14 weeks of unemployment compensation to workers who have exhausted state and federal benefits.

“Too many Ohioans are still hurting. Many people in my district were already in a recession when the ‘Great Recession’ started. While I am encouraged that we’ve seen some easing of unemployment in 2010, the stark reality is there are not enough jobs for all the workers who need them,” said Congresswoman Fudge.

“Extending unemployment benefits would not only ease the crisis for families who struggle to meet their most basic needs. Numerous studies show jobless benefits are one of the most effective means to stimulate economic activity. Isn’t that what we should be concerned about? The income it generates is more likely to be spent right away compared to tax cuts for the wealthy that tend to be put into savings.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Ohio’s unemployment rate stood at 9.6% in December. The jobless rate in Cleveland was 10.4% compared to a national rate of 9.4%. Those numbers do not take into account people who have become so discouraged that they stop looking for work and the so called “99ers”, laid off employees who have exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of benefits and are actively looking for new employment.

Congresswoman Fudge is proud to co-sponsor H.R. 589 which was introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California and Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia. The bill has 61 co-sponsors.