Stand With Me!

“Your issues are important and will be heard. I promise to keep our hope for the American dream alive.  Citizens of the 11th Congressional district, I promise that you will always know where I stand.  Stand with me.”
11th Congressional District, Friends and Supporters,
This was my pledge in 2008 when I boldly stepped into the 11th Congressional District race to serve our district and country. I promised that you would always know where I stood.
From the moment I took the oath, I have fought continuously to bring jobs to our district, improve education systems that produce global competitiveness for our children and prevent changes that would affect Medicare for seniors nationwide. I have worked hard to keep my promises.
Now, with the uncertainty of redistricting, I am asking once again that you stand with me and give a voice to the voiceless. I need you to stand with me as I fight against measures that restrict voting rights. Stand with me as I work to develop solutions for our economy. Stand with me so that we may continue to fight for every resident of the 11th Congressional District. 
Together we will let Ohio and the nation know that we will not give up the fight.  We still have A Promise to Keep.