Supporting Minority Businesses is Important to Job Growth in Cleveland

On September 1, 2011, Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge recognized the grand opening of the Minority Business Development Agency’s Business Center in Cleveland. The Greater Cleveland Partnership’s Commission on Economic Inclusion will operate one of two new centers.

“I congratulate the Greater Cleveland Partnership and all of the organizations who have come together to contribute to the success of the MBDA Business Center in Cleveland. We’re proud that many large corporations call Cleveland home, but we also value and recognize the importance of our small and mid-sized businesses as an engine to generate jobs and spur economic development in our region. The picture is not complete if we ignore our minority run businesses and fail to give them the tools to succeed,” said Congresswoman Fudge.

Census data shows the combined buying power of African Americans, Hispanics, Asian and Native Americans currently totals more than $1.4 Trillion. It increased by 40% since 2002.

“Collaboration makes our entire community stronger. I believe we will see benefits from this Center. I stand focused on stimulating jobs and helping all segments of our community thrive.”