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Voting is more complicated this year than it has been in the past. Here are a few things to remember:

  • A decision by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to ban unsolicited mailings by boards of elections will be in effect for the 2014 election. Voters in Cuyahoga County must request an absentee ballot in order for one to be sent to them. Request a ballot here:
  • Voters in all 88 Ohio counties will be sent an absentee ballot by mail in 2014, without voters requesting one.


Additional resources:
Request an absentee ballot in 2014 here:

Dates for voting in 2014: Vote by Mail / Absentee voting begins 25 days before the presidential primary and 35 days before the general election

Find your voting location here:

Check your registration here:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to vote a Vote by Mail / Absentee ballot?

Any qualified Ohio voter may request and vote an Vote by Mail / Absentee ballot without stating a reason.


  • When should I request an absentee ballot?

By mail: The board must receive your request by noon on the Saturday before the election. However, you should submit your request as far in advance of the election as possible.

In person: You may go to the board of elections office of the county in which your voting residence is located during regular business hours after absentee ballots are available for voting, but no later than the day before the election, and request, receive and vote your ballot at the board office.


  • What is the application process for obtaining an Vote by Mail / Absentee ballot?

Vote by Mail / Absentee ballots must be applied for in writing. If you are properly registered to vote, you must submit your written request to the board of elections of the county in which your voting residence is located. Your request must contain your original signature. Request an absentee ballot for the 2014 election here:


If you are not an active duty member of Ohio’s organized militia (including the Ohio Air National Guard, Ohio Army National Guard, Ohio Naval Militia, and Ohio Military Reserve), an active duty member of the U.S. armed services serving outside of Ohio, or a U.S. citizen residing outside of the U.S., you are considered a “regular” absentee voter.


  • For your Vote by Mail / Absentee ballot to be counted, it must be received as follows:
  1. If cast from anywhere in the U.S. and you return it by mail, it must be postmarked* (the day before the election) and received by the board of elections no later than 10 days after the election. If you return it in person or if a near relative delivers it to the board for you, it must be delivered to the board of elections no later than the close of polls on Election Day.
  2. If you are a voter outside the U.S. on Election Day, your ballot envelope must be signed and postmarked by the close of polls on Election Day and received by your county board of elections not later than the 20th day after the presidential primary election or by the 10th day after a special or general election.
  3. If returned in-person to the board of elections, absentee ballots must be received at your local county board of elections on Election Day by 7:30 p.m. (the close of the polls).