Predatory Lending Reform

“There are honest, decent mortgage brokers and agents in the industry. Then there are a relatively few number of unscrupulous individuals who earn their commission through deception. The Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices Reduction Act of 2009 would help protect consumers from the latter class of lenders by ensuring that all related personnel are properly trained […]

Representative Fudge Reflects on First 100 Days

The month of April marked the first 100 days of Representative Fudge’s term as a member of the 111th Congress.  Click here to see  highlights of the first 100.

Rep. Fudge Votes For Foreclosure Relief

“This bill  is timely and desperately needed in the 11th District of Ohio. The Center for Responsible Lending projected 5,566 foreclosures in 2009 and 18,531 foreclosures over the next four years. Within the state of Ohio the projection is much grimmer– 87,500 foreclosures in 2009. I had an opportunity to vote for relief and I choose […]