Rep. Fudge Stands Firmly Against Assault on Rights of Workers

WASHINGTON, DC– On November 30th, Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) voted NO today on H.R. 3094, Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, a bill that would be yet another blow to American workers and their families.

“We’ve seen attempts like this before. On November 8, the people of Ohio spoke loud and clear.  They soundly defeated a Republican effort to take away the rights and the voice of our workers.  Their statement echoed across this country, making clear that workers would not stand for policies obstructing their rights.”

“This bill would deny workers their right to a free and fair election to form a union, mandate an undue delay in union elections, encourage frivolous litigation, and manipulate the process for deciding who is in a bargaining unit.”

“My goal continues to be finding ways to expand our economy, yet some of my colleagues across the aisle insist on pushing an agenda that will hurt middle class American families and does nothing about the dire need for legislation that encourages job creation.”

The bill:

  • Institutes arbitrary waiting periods. This bill makes it so that no election may occur sooner than 35 days after filing a petition. Most elections are done by consent and conducted in much less than 35 days;
  • Limits the number of bargaining units at a place of employment, which widens the pool and dilutes the chances of employees establishing a union;
  • Delays union elections until all claims regarding its validity are held.  Looking into a lawsuit before the election is held only delays the process and wastes time.