Rep. Fudge Statement on Naming of Kamala Harris as Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Marica L. Fudge release the following statement on the naming of Kamala Harris as Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee:

“Joe Biden’s decision to nominate Kamala Harris as his Vice-Presidential nominee is a monumental and historic moment for women across the country. Today’s announcement says to all women, especially Black women – who have been the most reliable and loyal voters to the Democratic party – that we now will have a seat at the table.

“Senator Harris is the first Black woman and first Asian American to be a major-party Vice- Presidential nominee, making history. She is uniquely qualified and prepared to help Joe Biden restore the soul of America. A fearless trailblazer throughout her life, her presence on the ballot represents the country’s diversity and is sure to energize our base as we head to the polls in November.

“Now it is time for the party to come together to ensure the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.”