Job Creation/Labor/Workforce

  • Creating an environment that fosters job growth for the underemployed, unskilled, undereducated, chronically unemployed and long time unemployed;
  • Focusing on sustaining current jobs by supporting the national labor movement (i.e. trade agreements and bargaining rights); and
  • Promoting infrastructure projects as a method to create jobs.


  • Eradicating childhood obesity;
  • Increasing access to healthy foods, especially in underserved communities;
  • Decreasing the rate of hunger, especially among children and seniors; and
  • Bringing fresh food to cities through non-traditional farming (i.e. urban farming).

Voter Protection

  • Safeguarding the rights of voters, especially populations that are traditionally targeted by voter suppression. This is Rep. Fudge’s current civil rights priority.

Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security

  • Protecting Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security from budgetary cuts and unfair characterizations; and
  • Supporting updates and improvements to the Sustainable Growth Rate.


  • Increasing access to high quality public education, particularly for those children in underperforming subgroups;
  • Improving higher education opportunities;
  • Ensuring that accountability standards are maintained in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act; and
  • Decreasing education disparities (i.e. supporting closure of the achievement gap and promoting educational equity among all).


  • Tracking and addressing present day challenges, such as foreclosure mitigation and prevention; and
  • Promoting redevelopment and rebuilding in communities hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis.