Eradicating Childhood Obesity
Ensuring our children have an opportunity to succeed is important to every parent.  Making sure they are healthy enough to enjoy a long, productive life is a large part of the equation.  I have dedicated myself to the cause of eradicating childhood obesity because we have no more time to waste.  A study conducted by University Hospitals found that the obesity rate in Ohio is 36% for children 10 -17. If we don’t face this epidemic head on with practical solutions, 23 million children run the risk of being the first American generation to live shorter life spans than their parents.


That’s why I sponsored Fit for Life, a comprehensive bill to address the costs of childhood obesity through preventative measures and altering external circumstances. It tackles the lack of supermarkets in under-served communities by creating a program to award grants to local partnerships to establish or enhance existing supermarkets that sell fresh fruits and produce in low income communities. It also expands the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, by amending the National School Lunch Act, to include secondary schools, child care centers, and family child care homes, while encouraging exercise.