Social Security and Medicare

Preserving Social Security & Medicare
I stand strongly in support of the preservation of Medicare and Social Security.  There has been a concerted effort by my Republican colleagues over the past year to privatize Medicare, as well as drastically cut Social Security benefits.  I am committed to ensuring that these vital programs remain intact, and that our seniors are not disadvantaged by budget cuts.  Medicare is needed now more than ever. In 1965, only 51% of seniors had health care coverage.  Thanks to Medicare, virtually all seniors have health care coverage today.  Moreover, the coverage corresponds to a sharp decrease in the number of seniors living below the poverty line.  In 1965, nearly 30% of seniors lived below the poverty line.  Today, that number is less than 8%.

For more than half of elderly beneficiaries, Social Security provides the majority of their income. For one-quarter, it provides nearly all (more than 90%) of their income.  That’s why I’ve hosted numerous Social Security forums in the last year to inform constituents and communicate important information on benefits to the people who need it most.  I will continue to fight against attempts to drastically change Social Security and Medicare.